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aluminium fly screens

Aluminium fly screens(Chain Curtain), made of aluminum alloy wire, is composed of one by one colored chain. It is another kind of new decorative materials in the modern architectural design territory. Qing Ning decorative  chain can be galvanized with various colors and shows an imaginary and elegant atmosphere for your curtain. RaMeiJu manufacture a range of made to measure aluminium fly screens to help protect your premises from flying insects. They are the ideal pest control system for both doors and windows and are available in a range of colours that can be used individually or combined to create a striped vertical pattern.
     Decorative Chain Curtain, With its Durable, Light, Non-rust, prevent bug, versatility, unique texture, variety of bright colors, and Elegant Decoration, are mainly used as curtains, isolation wall, widows screen and has been more used by designer in the interior design.

Nomal Specification:

Name : Decorative Chain Curtain
Material: Aluminum alloy wire
Available Colors: Silver, Red, Blue, Green, Gold, Black,Gray,Copper,Bronze,Turquoise and so on.
Wire Diameter : can be made of 1.6mm, 1.8mm,2.0mm
Normal Size : 12mm×24mm
Chain Distance : 13mm
Fly Screens Standard Size: 90×210cm,100×200cm; customized curtain size
Installing Fitting : Aluminum alloy track and hanging screws.

Installation of Aluminium fly screens

Insect screens can be fitted internally or externally, it can be easily removed and are quick and simple to install, needing only two or three screws.
When measuring for a door, take opening size and adding 20mm (3/4") to width and height. when measureing windows take opening size and adding 20mm(3/4") to width and 50mm(2") to height.

Pictures of metal ring mesh

Chain Curtain-04 Chain Curtain-04

chain curtain-Application1 chain curtain-Application2

chain curtain-Application3

chain curtain-Application4

All kinds of color can be galvanized according to customers' required.
All kinds of pattern can be get ready according to customers' required.
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