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Conveyor belt
Conveyor belt are used as components in automated distribution and warehousing. In combination with computer controlled pallet handling equipment this allows for more efficient retail, wholesale, and manufacturing, distribution. It is considered a labor saving system that allows large volumes to move rapidly through a process, allowing companies to ship or receive higher volumes with smaller storage space and with less labor expensive cost.

产品代号  (NO.S):RMJ-1535
孔隙率(Opening area): 51%
钢索直径(Cable Dia.): 2mm×1group
钢索间距(Cable pitch):17.5mm
杠杆直径(Rod Dia.) :1.5mm
杠杆间距(Rod pitch):3.5mm
重量  (Weight):5.53kg/㎡

产品代号 (NO.S):RMJ-3012
孔隙率 (Opening area): 31%
径丝直径(Warp wire Dia.): 0.9mm×3groups
径丝间距 (warp wire pitch):6mm
纬丝直径(Weft wire Dia.): 1.2mm
纬丝间距 (Weft wire pitch): 2.8mm
重量     Weight): 5.84kg/

产品代号 (NO.S):RMJ-2020
孔隙率 (Opening area): 43%
径丝直径(Warp cable Dia.): 0.75mm×1groups
径丝间距 (warp cable pitch):1.95mm
纬丝直径(Weft cable Dia.): 0.75mm
纬丝间距 (Weft cable pitch):2.54mm
重量    Weight) : 3.24kg/

产品代号  (NO.S):RMJ-S5717
孔隙率(Opening area): 20%
钢索直径(Cable Dia.): 0.6mm×1group
钢索间距(Cable pitch):1.27mm
杠杆直径(Rod Dia.) :1.2mm
杠杆间距(Rod pitch):1.95mm
重量  Weight):6.49kg/

产品代号 (NO.S):RMJ-7148
螺条直径(Sprial Dia.): 2×4 mm
螺条间距(Sprial Pitch): 20mm
串条直径(Cross rod Dia.): 3.5 mm
串条间距(Cross rod pitch): 40mm
重量(Weight): 9.3 kg/m2

产品代号 (NO.S):RMJ-7026
螺条直径(Sprial Dia.): 2.6 mm
螺条间距(Sprial Pitch): 24.3 mm
串条直径(Cross rod Dia.): 2.6mm
串条间距(Cross rod pitch): 22.5mm
重量(Weight): 6.8 kg/m2

产品代号 (NO.S):RMJ-7146
螺条直径(Sprial Dia.): 1.4 mm
螺条间距(Sprial Pitch): 10 mm
串条直径(Cross rod Dia.): 1.6mm
串条间距(Cross rod pitch):10mm
重量(Weight): 3.5 kg/m2

产品代号 (NO.S):RMJ-H1820
绳径(cable diameter): 0.54mm×1
绳距(cable pitch): 1.27 mm
杆径(rod diameter): 0.54 mm
杆距(rod pitch): 1.41mm
重量(weight): 2.77 kg/m2

Flat conveyor belt RMJ3175

No.: RMJ-3175
Flat wire: 10mm×1mm
Flat wire top width:24mm
Flat wire Bottom with:31.75mm
Rod Diamter: 3mm
Rod Pitch:31.75mm
Weight about: 9.4KG/M2

No.: RMJ-7510
Wire Dimater: 1.5mm
Opening: 75×10mm
Edge: double- edge


The conveyor belt, in conformity to the state standard, can work in a very special wicked conditions for a long time, because it is heat-resistant, acid-resistant, rust-resistant. During these years, we have accumulated abundant experiences of producing metal mesh belts and developed more than 30 types of conveyor belts, one of them is the cable conveyor belts, it is special weaved by stainless steel cable and rod , it is the upgrade products of the common conveyor belts. They are widely used in many automatic glass work, petro chemistry fiber, food industry, glass fiber, electric furnace, kiln furnace, machinery, powder metallurgy, purging, reflux welding, metal heat treatment and stoving furnaceetc.

Conveyor Belts are commonly used to convey items with irregular bottom surfaces, small items that would fall in between rollers (e.g. a sushi conveyor bar), or bags of product that would sag between rollers. Belt conveyors are generally fairly similar in construction consisting of a metal frame with rollers at either end of a flat metal bed. The belt is looped around each of the rollers and when one of the rollers is powered (by an electrical motor) the belting slides across the solid metal frame bed, moving the product. In heavy use applications the beds which the belting is pulled over are replaced with rollers. The rollers allow weight to be conveyed as they reduce the amount of friction generated from the heavier loading on the belting. Belt conveyors can now be manufactured with curved sections which use tapered rollers and curved belting to convey products around a corner. These conveyor systems are commonly used in postal sorting offices and airport baggage handling systems.

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