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Metallic cloth Introduction

Product Description
This lightweight metallic cloth is manufactured with a slightly curved ‘spider’ that connects 4 individual flat aluminum rings. Each ‘leg’
of the spider is linked through a ring and folded back on itself to secure the ring in place.
The flexibility of the material, along with its light weight, makes this mesh suitable for use in large applications.

Product Specifications
Usually our metallic cloth sequins size is: 3mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm, each granule can be coating all kinds of colors.

For examples:
Type: PY-3002
Size: 3mm
Finishing: Black Oil Print
Weight: 0.78kg/sq.m
Standard Size: 0.45m×1.5m

This is one Spec. of ourmetallic cloth , details please see our Metallic cloth products page

Product Benefits
Maintenance-free: Metal mesh tends to shed dust. An occasional brushing or dusting will suffice.
Fireproof: The melting point is that of the base metal.
Air conductive: Mesh permits the relatively free circulation of warm and cool air currents.
Stable: Mesh neither shrinks nor stretches in use.
Mildew proof: Mesh is unaffected by dampness and humidity.
Reversible: The back surface of the mesh is exceptionally handsome. While standard in the natural (raw) metal color, the back can be ordered enameled to match with the face.

Work flow:
1. We buy the material(aluminum alloy tapes) according to the metallic sequin's size.
2. Then stamping the tapes to the spider shape.
3. Now it is the most important step-Weaving Net, after the machine stamping the Al tapes, this sequin will be delivered to the weaving net area to joint with the rings, each rings are combine with 4 sequins.
4. When finish the weaving net, then it is the one sheet (1.5m*0.45m)
5. The following is cleaning the oil stain in a big pool (about 5 minutes.) and then we will clean the mesh with the water
6. According to customers' required, we will making colors.
7. After coating color, we dry the mesh in a oven.
8. If customers want the common size, then we will pack the goods, If customers want connect size, we have to joint the mesh by manual work.
9. The last step is to pack the goods and waiting for delivery.

Working with Mesh
An awl is used to cut or connect mesh into desired size/shape. Simply ‘open’ specific spiders one at a time.

Product Uses
With a light reflective surface, mesh creates a simple, yet lustrous pattern of texture unlike any other material. Some suggested applications include: Curtains/Drapery, Apparel, Jewelry, Fashion Accessories, Home Décor,shose/ clothes ' accessories and so on.

Mesh Sizes:
Metallic Cloth Mesh panels can be made in unlimited lengths and widths,but usually the nature mesh is 0.45m width and 1.5m length, The panels are then linked together by a hand-knitting process called ‘joining’. Joining may result in a discernible but unobtrusive seam line. Theoretically, there is no limitation on length or width. For practical purposes, however, sheets of mesh must be limited to a manageable size and weight. Where possible, each panel should be held to sixty square feet for ease in handling.

Natural, Copper, Bronze, White, Gold, Black, Bright Gold. Aluminum mesh can be specially enameled to match any pantone color.

Aluminum alloy tracks and clips. When the metallic cloth used as ceilings or curtain wall, we install it with aluminum alloy track and pulley with clips, the track can be fixed on the ceiling, the pulley can make the metallic cloth move easily . Usually our metal cloth has 1.5 times or 2 times overlap , when the mesh is hung , it can be show into a wave shape and make the curtain beautiful.
As to the track, we have two kind of tracks , one is straight track, the pulley only can be moved straight; the other is bent track, the track can be bent into any shape according to your building shape.

Metal cloth products

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