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Metal Coil Drapery

1.  Introduction of Metal Coil Drapery
Metal coil drapery, also named architectural mesh or metal fabric, is another kind of decorative mesh. Usually it made of Aluminum alloy wire, but some times customers want the stainless steel wire or copper wire,that because it is weight than alloy wire and it can’t move when people pass. As to the processing of surface, usually the metal drapery made of Aluminum alloy wire is coated with lacquer , the colour is can be coated various colors according to customers' needs; The processing of stainless steel wire drapery is acid washed, it is suitable for the stainless steel wire. After washing from acid, the metal coil drapery is very light; Also we can coating colors with the stainless steel coil drapery, now we have much experience in coating colors on stainless steel wire, never drop color and bright color.
Metal coil drapery find increasing usage in decoration and construction of the following:coil drapery lampshade ; Architectural façade; Curtains; Wire Mesh Partitions; Ceilings; Other decorative use.
Benefits:    The use of architectural mesh as a cladding material remains increasingly prevalent for a variety of interior façade applications. While the light weight nature and flexibility of coil drapery has always presented a multitude of functional and aesthetic benefits on their own, new visual effects have introduced the ability to take these installations to a dynamic and sophisticated new level.
A slightly more subtle effect involves washing metal fabric façades in exterior lighting. A full range of architectural lighting solutions are available for metal fabric systems, including edge lighting, energy-efficient lighting, projection lighting, and an assortment of other options designed to dramatically enhance each metal mesh fabric installation.

2. Accessories:
Metal coil drapery can be installed on the ceilings with aluminum alloy track and pulley with chain, the track can be fixed on the ceiling wall or side-wall, the pulley can make the metal coil drapery move easily and the chain can control the pulley. Usually our woven metal coil drapery has 1.5 times or 2 times overlap , when the mesh is hung , it can be show into a wave shape and make the curtain beautifull.
As to the track, we have two kind of  tracks , one is straight type, the pulley only can be moved straight; the other is bent track, the track can be bent into any shape according to your building shape.

3. Directions of the wire drapery

      Please pay attention the direction of the metal coil drapery, usually it is hung on the ceiling, so you just tell me the height and the width (show on below),then we can understand correctly and supply you the correct goods.


Wire Diameter: Single wire diameter.
Opening: Diameter of inner circle.
Height( H): The direction of single vertical wire.
Width(W): The direction of horizontal direction.

4. Parts of Products Pictures

Metal drapery-1004

NO.S: RMJ-1004J
Material: Magnesium Alloy Wire
Wire Dia.: 1.0mm
Opening: 4mm
Weight: appr.1.37kg/m2
Processing: lacquer coated(J color)

Metal drapery/metal drapery-1005S

NO.S: RMJ-1005F
Material: Magnesium Alloy Wire
Wire Dia.: 1.0mm
Opening: 5mm
Weight: appr.1.1kg/m2
Processing: lacquer coated(F color)

Metal drapery/Metal drapery-1205BNO.S: RMJ-1206SE
Material: Stainless steel Wire
Wire Dia.: 1.2mm
Opening: 6mm
Weight: appr. 4kg/m2
Processing: lacquer coated(E color)

Metal drapery-1206NO.S: RMJ-1206O
Material: Magnesium Alloy Wire
Wire Dia.: 1.2mm
Opening: 6mm
Weight: appr.1.25kg/m2
Processing: lacquer coated( O color)

Metal drapery/Metal drapery-1206-OX

NO.S: RMJ-1206N
Material: Magnesium Alloy Wire
Wire Dia.: 1.2mm
Opening: 6mm
Weight: appr. 1.25kg/m2
Processing: lacquer coated(N color)

Metal drapery/Metal drapery-1207

NO.S: RMJ-1207S
Material: Stainless Steel Wire
Wire Dia.: 1.2mm
Opening: 7mm
Weight: appr. 3.4 kg/m2
Processing: pickling

Metal drapery-1208

NO.S: RMJ-1208
Material: Magnesium Alloy Wire
Wire Dia.: 1.2mm
Opening: 8mm
Weight: appr. 1.2kg/m2
Processing: lacquer coated

Metal drapery-1209

NO.S: RMJ-1209
Material: Magnesium Alloy Wire
Wire Dia.: 1.2mm
Opening: 9mm
Weight: appr. 0.85kg/m2
Processing: lacquer coated


  • We can produce the metal coil drapery with all kinds of materials according to customers’ needs, such as: low carbon wire, aluminum alloy wire, stainless steel wire or copper wire.
  • The opening is available from 3 mm to 20 mm and the aluminum alloy wire can be available from 0.8mm to 4mm. Special wire diameter and opening  can be produced according to customers’ needs.
  •  Each kind of metal coil drapery can be coated various colors even the stainless steel wire, we have rich experience to coating color in the stainless steel wire.

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