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Perforated Metal

We design, produce and fabricate perforated metal to meet precise specifications for the most demanding customers. From basic sheets and coils to complex sunscreens and ceiling panels, sound baffles and air diffusers, perforated metal offers a solution that is both decorative and functional. We can execute literally hundreds of patterns including chain link, cloverleaf, diamond, hexagon, in variety of materials like aluminum, stainless steel, copper and even plastic. As one of the largest perforators in Anping China, we perforate millions kgs of metal each year.

Today, our speaker grilles shape sound to the delight of audiences around the world. Our agricultural components help create food for everyone. Our filtration screens make environments more friendly. Our architectural components bring magic to the spaces we all inhabit. For a partner that will bring form and function to your next project, contact Accurate Perforating today or click here to request a free quote.

Brief Information of Perforated Metal
Hole Size: 0.2MM-7.0MM
Thickness: 0.1MM-6.0MM
Width: 1.0M/4Feet
Length: 2.0M/8Feet
Packing: crate or pallet

galvanized squre wire mesh galvanized squre wire mesh
galvanized squre wire meshgalvanized squre wire mesh


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