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Compare with other company's metal fabric

Metal fabrics is a new decorative materials in the world, It have been put to work in a number of applications including exterior facades, wall coverings, draped and suspended ceilings, sunshades and canopies, gates, exhibit booths, retail displays, elevator cabs, stairs & balustrades, and partition screens. Please visit our gallery to see more representative installations. As an new popular products, more and more companies began to produce it. but compare to the other company's products, RMJ metal fabrics has its characteristics: Good flexibility, strength with its versatility, unique texture, durability, bright, anti-corrode and so on. As these new european building design trends began to gain momentum in the world, Rameiju formally established in the architectural field in 2003 and quickly occupy the world market of flexible decorative wove mesh products.

If you are considering metal textiles for your project design compare us to the other company's. We have listed some other company's Products along with similar RMEIJU designs as following to help you compare. We are confident that you will find that in addition to an outstanding product variety and support experience, you will find our quality is near the same as them but our price is lower 1 times than them. As a designer, you now have the ability to capture the stunning effects made possible by metal fabrics without sacrificing your client's budget.

other Companys'Metal fabrics

RMJ Metal Fabrics

Date of RMJ Metal Fabrics

Metal Fabrics

NO.S: RMJ-3810
Opening area: 65%
Cable Dia.: 2mm×3groups
Cable pitch: 80mm
Rod Dia.: 3mm
Rod pitch: 10mm

Metal Fabrics-3565

No.s: RMJ-3565
Spiral Dia. : 6×1.0mm
Spirals Pitch: 35mm
Cross Rod Dia. :3mm
Cross Rod Pitch: 65mm
Weight: 3.89kg/m2

Metal Fabrics-1530

NO.S: RMJ-1530
Opening area: 0
Cable Dia.: 2mm×1group
Cable pitch: 17.5mm
Rod Dia.: 1.5mm
Rod pitch: 1.5mm

Metal Fabrics-8719

NO.S: RMJ-8719
Opening area: 5%
Flat wire Dia.: 7mm×1mm
Flat wire pitch: 9mm

Metal Fabrics-1535

NO.S: RMJ-1535
Opening area: 51%
Cable Dia.: 2mm×1group
Cable pitch: 17.5mm
Rod Dia.: 1.5mm
Rod pitch: 3.5mm

Metal Fabrics-1705

NO.S: RMJ-1705
Opening area: 58%
Flat wire Dia.: 1.75mm×0.6mm
Flat wire pitch: 5mm
Weight: 3kg/㎡

After several years' development , we have studied and produced over 100 kinds of stainless steel metal fabrics products accroding to the data of our customers, we believe we can develop more and more kinds of decorative Products in the future. Also we wellcome you to give us data or samples you required, we will study it and produce the goods for you.