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Decorative Grills
 Materials: High-quality stainless steel wire, aluminum wire, brass wire, copper alloy and other materials,
Characteristics: strength with its versatility, unique texture, variety of colors, durability.
Wire mesh facades;
Shade screens;
Architecture ceilings;
Metal Fabrics for walls, partition or isolation screens;
Staircases isolation screen, elevator cabins screen;
Floor covering fabrics;
Other special uses.

Double weave crimped wire mesh;
Flat wire crimped mesh ;
Three crimped wire mesh;
Allotypic crimped mesh.

Decorative grill-2514


NO.S: RMJ-2548
Opening area: 21%
Flat wire Dia.: 2.5mm×1.0mm
Flat wire pitch: 4.8mm

Decorative grill-6125

NO.S: RMJ-6125
Opening area: 69%
Warp wire Dia.: 2.5mm×1group
Warp wire pitch: 15mm
Weft wire Dia.: 2.5mm
Weft wire pitch: 15mm
Weight: 5.29kg/㎡

Decorative grill-3810S

NO.S: RMJ-3810S
Opening area: 65%
Cable Dia.: 2mm×3 groups
Cable pitch: 80mm
Rod Dia.: 3mm
Rod pitch: 10mm
Weight: 6.6kg/㎡

Decorative grill-6216

NO.S: RMJ-6216
Opening area: 58%
Warp wire Dia.: 1.2mm×2groups
Warp wire pitch: 17.5mm
Weft wire Dia.: 2mm
Weft wire pitch: 6mm

Decorative grill-1535S

NO.S: RMJ-1535S
Opening area: 51%
Cable Dia.: 2mm
Cable pitch: 17.5mm
Rod Dia.: 1.5mm
Rod pitch: 3.5mm

Decorative grill-8713

NO.S: RMJ-8713
Opening area: 21%
Flat wire Dia.: 7mm×1mm
Flat wire pitch: 13mm

Decorative grill-6514

NO.S: RMJ-6210
Opening area: 58%
Warp Wire Dia.: 1.5mm
Warp wire pitch: 5.08mm
Weft wire Dia.: 2.3mm
Weft wire pitch:2.3mm
Weight: appr. 18kg/㎡

Decorative grill-6112metal-drapery-projects

NO.S: RMJ-6112
Opening area: 52%
Warp wire Dia.: 2mm
Warp wire pitch: 4.5mm
Weft wire Dia.: 2mm
Weft wire pitch: 32mm
Weight: 6.44kg/㎡

decorative grills

NO.S: RMJ-6211
Opening area: 0
Warp wire Dia.: 1.5mm
Warp wire pitch: 5mm
Weft wire Dia.: 2.7×1.6mm
Weft wire pitch:2.7mm
Weight: 16.1kg/㎡

decorative grills

NO.S: RMJ-6516
Opening area: 0
Warp Wire Dia.: 1.5mm
Warp Wire pitch: 6.7mm
Weft Wire Dia.: 1.5mm/2mm
Weft Wire pitch: 1.5mm/6mm
Weight: app. 12kg/㎡

decorative grills

Open Area: 0
Warp wire Dia.: 1.5mm
warp wire pitch: 6.7mm
Weft wire Dia.: 2mm×4PCS
Weft wire pitch:8mm
Weight: appr. 14.8kg/㎡

decorative grills


NO.S: RMJ-8255
Opening area: 25%
Flat wire Dia.: 2.2mm×0.8mm
Flat wire pitch: 5.5mm
Weight: appr. 5.2kg/㎡

decorative grills

No.s: RMJ-6123
Opening area: 52%
Warp wire Dia.: 1.5mm
warp wire pitch:4mm
Weft wire Dia.: 1.5mm
Weft wire pitch: 2mm
Weight: appr. 10.7kg/㎡

decorative grills


NO.S: RMJ-1705
Opening area: 58%
Flat wire Dia.: 1.75mm×0.6mm
Flat wire pitch: 5mm
Weight: appr. 3kg/㎡

decorative grills

NO.S: RMJ-6148
Opening area: 1%
Warp wire Dia.: 1.5mm
warp wire pitch: 9.3mm
Weft wire Dia.: 2 mm
Weft wire pitch:2.5mm
Weight: appr. 13.5kg/㎡

decorative grills

NO.S: RMJ-1255
Open Area:31%
Warp wire Dia.: 1.2mm×2 groups
warp wire pitch: 5mm
Weft wire Dia.: 2mm
Weft wire pitch:5mm
Weight: appr. 8.74kg/㎡

If you have any new styles recommend, we will study and special produce it for you.

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