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About Projects of Metal Fabrics

Metal fabrics (decorative wire mesh) is a new decorative material in the modern construction industry and widely used as curtains in house, screens for dining hall, isolation in hotels, ceiling decoration, decoration in trade fair exhibition and retractable sun protection, etc.
Architects and designers admire Rameiju Metal Fabrics, because they are functional, versatile and handsome, and they’ve been used successfully in many projects. They have been specified throughout the world for exterior facades, sun screens, suspended ceilings, walls, columns cladding, floors and infill. Our product line is a tool for creative expression and an inspiration

Wall Cladding

metal fabrics project-3240

Ceiling Decoration

metal fabric Ceiling-3811

Wall Decoration

curtain wall-1535

Interior Decoration

curtain wall-408

Door of elevator decoration

curtain wall-5717T

Curtain Wall

curtain wall-6529

Window Screen

windows screen

Room Divider

window screen-3810

So many wonderfull projects in achitecture decoration of the metal fabrics, if you are interested in it ,please feel free to contact us.